Join Lisa to kick off the campaign!

Lisa Buhr, Candidate for District 49 State Representative, announced the kickoff event launching her campaign. It will be a neet & greet style community barbecue. The kickoff will take place at Hibernia Park in Holts Summit on Saturday June 30th from 5 -7p.m. This will be the first official event of the campaign since Lisa declared her candidacy with the Secretary of State earlier this year.

When asked why a BBQ was chosen for her first official campaign event Lisa commented, “I wanted my first campaign stop to be a reflection of not only who I am, but the type of campaign I intend to run. I want folks to have a chance to get to know me in a fun and pressure-free environment. More importantly, an environment that’s family friendly. So I encourage people to bring their kids, have some food and lets get to know each other.”

Lisa is unopposed in the Democratic Primary, and will challenge incumbent Republican Travis Fitzwater. Elected in 2014, the Ohio native will finish his second term in January. Lisa is running a campaign focused on protecting workers rights, ensuring access to quality affordable healthcare, and fully meeting the needs of Missouri’s k-12 schools. Regarding she decided to become a candidate she remarked,

“I’ve worked for the State for over 18 years, the last 5 right in the capitol building, and I see first hand how our legislators pass bills that don’t seem to benefit Missourians. It’s frustrating. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten that they work for us. Before I filed, a coworker showed me an article that said over 40% of candidates had no opponent in the last election, and it shocked me. So on the last day of filing I thought to myself not in my district, this year’s gonna be different.”

For more information, please contact Fredrick Doss at (417)-719-3561 or


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